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Welcome to A P A R A T O - an Upcycled based jewelry  

You're invited to explore the new collections & learn abut the concept 

A P A R A T O by Mayan Revah is custom-made jewelry pieces, hand crafted and designed personally with individual care and attention given to the finishing and perfection of each piece with the best quality of materials used in the creation process. 

Up cycling is a key component to waste reduction. In today's world recycling has become imperative to our lifestyles. There is a global shift in industries who are now looking to change existing materials into new products to prevent waste of useful materials, thus avoiding large scale damage to the environment. 

In the last decade there is a significant development in the recycling world and this trend has even hit the fashion, jewelry and accessory design industry. The demand for 'Green Products' is felt by the designers as well as the consumers as an increasing environmental need. Consumers want to look and feel beautiful with all that we designers can give them and make use of because we have an endless treasure of inspiration around us! 

I have been researching this ever growing 'Green Market' for sometime now. It is the recycling of electronic and mechanical parts which are made up of many precious materials such as crystal, gold, aluminum, silver, brass, copper just to name a few. The recycling of electronics helps to disassemble these parts and further take this into my creative temple to reassemble and recreate; to make something beautiful in the form of jewelry which can be worn and appreciated by many. 

Gear Up and Go Green!

Mayan Revah